Album review – DANKO JONES ‘Wild Cat’

danko_wildcatDanko Jones has been rocking the hell out ever since 1996, and by golly, they can still bring the brawn and the power and the riffs like nobody’s business. The band’s latest release ‘Wild Cat’ is a party-starter pack of 11 tunes, heavy on rattle-your-ribs, shake-your-hair-and-pump-your-fists rock’n’roll. So tight, so fierce, so full of energy… yeah, this is prime stuff.

The track-list is a tasty bag of goodies, from the hard-slamming call to arms “I Gotta Rock”, and the hellaciously sexy and entertaining “My Little RnR”; to the Van Halen-ish sass and strut of the title track ‘Wild Cat’ (think Diamond Dave era Van Halen), and the blazing hotness of ‘Success In Bed”. Tucked inside, you’ll also find what might be my favourite track on ‘Wild Cat’: “You Are My Woman” – a gloriously riff-heavy, amped-up love song with a gorgeous Thin Lizzy-vibe.

The final track – the funky, rollicking ‘Revolution (But Then We Make Love)’ – is another one of my faves: and no, it’s not really political, though there’s a bit of revolution-talk and a whole lot of fun rolled up together with some seductively raunchy guitar.



Danko Jones is one of the hardest working rock-bands out there – and working their asses off for more than 20 years in the business is certainly one reason why this band is so. damn. good.

The three-piece is on tour right now: in Europe and elsewhere. And hey, if you’ve seen Danko Jones live, you know that no matter how good you think they are on the album, they are an absolute force of fucking nature on stage. Go see them if you get a chance, and get this album for a rock and roll pick-me-up to get you in the mood for life. (Tour-dates can be found on the official website.)

Get the album:

Danko Jones official website/ Facebook / Twitter


  1. I Gotta Rock
  2. My Little RnR
  3. Going Out Tonight
  4. You Are My Woman
  5. Do This Every Night
  6. Let’s Start Dancing
  7. Wild Cat
  8. She Likes It
  9. Success In Bed
  10. Diamond Lady
  11. Revolution (But Then We Make Love)


  • Danko Jones
  • John Calabrese
  • Rich Knox

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