Album review – TRAGEDY ‘The Joy of Sex’

tragedy-the-joy-of-sexUntil I listened to Tragedy’s “The Joy of Sex” I hadn’t realized how much I craved something shiny and glittery and disco-metallish to light up the darkness. Like a disco ball made of pure metal, this album is insane, hilarious, and goddam sexy to boot. It’s also excellent: because while Tragedy is always a lot of fun to listen to, this band’s musical skills are no joke. Turning classic tunes like “Maneater”, “Funkytown”, and “Baker Street” into heavy-hitting metal monsters takes both imagination, musical chops, and balls. Luckily, Tragedy is well endowed in all three departments.

If you haven’t experienced Tragedy yet be aware that this band does covers of classic tracks, revamping them gloriously into hard and heavy metal-style tunes. So, yes, this is an album of all covers, but it is also original and unique in a way that few cover albums ever are. More than that: it is just so. much. fun.

When the band takes on Rod Stewart’s “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy”, it’s truly a match made in music heaven. I mean, the tune is sort of ludicrous from the start (though Rod Stewart sells it with the right kind of sass, strut, and tongue in cheek), and Tragedy amps that up past 11 when they put their hard-rocking metal spin on it.

Another one of my favourite tracks here is the band’s version of Prince’s “Little Red Corvette”: it’s a brilliant take on a brilliant tune. And just wait until you hear what these guys do to “Dress You Up In My Love”… wow.tragedy-promo-pic-2016-purple-hue

Tragedy’s metallized version of The Bee Gee’s “Stayin’ Alive” is one of the band’s standbys and for good reason: once you’ve heard this tune done this way, you might even gain a new appreciation for the original. (And I say that as someone who loves the original!)

Oh, and DO NOT MISS Tragedy’s thundering, speed-demon version of “Never Gonna Give You Up”. Your life will never be the same again (in a good way!).

This whole record is an instant mood-enhancer, a shot of irreverent, inspired, sexy, shiny, bedazzled goodness – just what the world needs right now. It’ll brighten your day and make your existence instantly more satisfying and glam-metallic.

Tragedy is on tour in the UK right now and also has several gigs lined up in the US later this spring. Find all the tour-dates on the band’s official website.

Tragedy’s official website / Facebook / Twitter


  1. Maneater
  2. Baker Street
  3. Do Ya Think I’m Sexy
  4. Funkytown
  5. Little Red Corvette
  6. Borderline
  7. Stayin’ Alive
  8. Never Gonna Give You Up
  9. Dress You Up
  10. Physical
  11. Dear Santa (Bring Me A Goddam Gentleman)

The band:

  • Disco Mountain Man — lead vocals, lead keyboards, lead cowbell
  • Mo’Royce Peterson — lead vocals, lead rhythm guitar, lead lead guitar, lead back-up vocals
  • Andy Gibbous Waning — lead vocals, lead bass, lead back-up vocals
  • Garry Bibb – lead lead guitar, lead back-up vocals
  • The Lord Gibbeth — lead drums
  • Lance — lead towel boy and complete idiot




One comment

  1. Wow, indeed! They’re funny, but also highly-skilled musicians – a great combination. And you’re right about “Never Gonna Give You Up.” Their cover would make Rick Astley proud!


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