Track of the Day: Exit – Porshyne

My track of the day is the excellent new single from Porshyne, “Exit”.


Porshyne are scheduled to release their new EP “Environmental Music”, which includes “Exit”, on the 10th of March.

Back in 2013, I interviewed Fergal Lyden (vocals and guitar) when I was blogging at the UK Arts Directory. Here’s the interview, which gives some background about the band and their music:

How long has the band been together and how did you all meet?

We jammed together for the first time just under a year ago. All of us moved to Brighton separately because of the music scene here and it’s a good hub to London when you want to start gigging on a broader scale. We started playing together and liked the range of influences that came from all the members of the band.

Who chose the band name ‘Porshyne’ and why?

We all agreed on the name Porshyne. We wanted to keep the name to one word and one that wasn’t particularly indicative of what the music might sound like, given that we play some heavier stuff and some less heavy stuff.

You have two fabulous tunes free to stream and download on Bandcamp at the moment. ‘Locked in’ is on constant replay on my iTunes at the moment! I love the other track too; they’re both very good. Can we expect more music like that from you soon? Are you working on an EP/album?

Thank you that’s great to hear! We’re planning on recording again shortly although we don’t have a specific release date in mind just yet. With regard to how we’ll label the next release, it’ll probably be in the shape of an E.P.; we don’t have plans to go in and make an album at this early stage.

You’ve been playing a few gigs, how have the audiences been reacting to your music? Have you any more gigs planned soon?

So far the reaction has been positive which has been really nice to see. When we were writing the stuff we had no idea how it would be received. Our next gig is on the 16th of October in The Prince Albert in Brighton. Our focus for the last little while has been on sorting out recordings and getting a page up, and now that that’s done we will start gigging a little bit more frequently. We’ve also just been asked to play at the Blind Tiger on the 10th of November

What bands have you been compared to?

So far people have mentioned comparisons with Tool, Radiohead, QOTSA, Jeff Buckley and Muse, which is awesome.

Who are the band’s musical influences?

All five of us in the band have a range of different influences and musical backgrounds but in terms of recurrent pervasive influences I think Tool, Radiohead, The Mars Volta and The Smashing Pumpkins are probably the most significant.

If you could tour/play with any other musicians, who would you choose and why?

If we ever got to share a stage with any of those names above it would be pretty damn amazing given their influence on us and their musical significance over the last 20 years


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