Pre-order Sisteray’s 15 Minutes project on vinyl!

Talented London band Sisteray have recently announced their new project, “15 Minutes”. It’s currently available for pre-order on vinyl via Pledge Music.


A statement from the band:


“In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes” – Andy Warhol

We are working on a new project and want YOU, the people, to be involved. We are a band of the people and people are what makes this band what it is… without people we’re nothing, thus, we want to involve you intimately with our next moves…

Sisteray have recorded exactly 15 minutes of music for our next release. This time round we want to make sure you can get it on vinyl and so have set up this PledgeMusic campaign:

You can pre-order the release plus we’ve put together a whole bunch of extras and experiences to go alongside it. Also by pre-ordering via the PledgeMusic campaign, you get access to a free download of a demo of one of the tracks plus we’ll be regularly posting updates and other exclusive bits and pieces…

Sisteray have a few tour dates lined up; the first gig is on Friday 24th February at London’s Hoxton Bar & Kitchen. Check out their website for more details:


Follow Sisteray:





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