EP spotlight – CHRISTINA CROFTS ‘Like We Used To’


Christina Crofts is an Australian musician and songwriter, and her new EP ‘Like We Used To’ is an absolute treat if you like bluesy, rootsy rock and roll. Crofts has extensive experience in the music business, and it’s her unique guitar sound and fantastic vocals that make this EP a standout.

The four track EP starts off with the laidback, bluesy, slide-guitar awesomeness of ‘Breakaway’ (it debuted at number 1 in the AMRAP regional charts in Australia). While ‘Breakaway’ is my favourite tune, the rest of the EP is rock-solid as well. There’s the upbeat, feel-good vibe of title track ‘Like We Used To’; the country-rocking ‘Don’t Cry Baby’, and the gorgeous, old-school funky rocker ‘Lucy’.


Crofts’ vocals have been compared to Lucinda Williams, and that is definitely an apt comparison. The whole EP is a delight to listen to, and I just love the sound of that slide guitar!

After playing in various bands over the years, Crofts launched her solo career in 2008 with her debut album ‘Midnight Train’. Both ‘Like We Used To’ and ‘Midnight Train’ are available from Christina Crofts’ official website: https://www.christinacrofts.com/store She has several gigs lined up: check out the details on the website, too.

Buy the music here: https://www.christinacrofts.com/store

Website / Facebook / ReverbNation / YouTube


  1. Breakaway
  2. Like We Used To
  3. Don’t Cry Baby
  4. Lucy


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