Songs for Valentine’s Day

There have been many songs written about Valentine’s Day over the years. Whether you’re celebrating the day with a loved one or spending it on your own, there are songs for every emotion in the list below. Grab a box of chocolates and sit back and enjoy 🙂 Happy Valentine’s Day to our followers, from all of us here at Rock and Roll! ❤

Paul McCartney – “My Valentine”

Frank Sinatra – “My Funny Valentine”

David Bowie – “Valentine’s Day”

Steve Earle – “Valentine’s Day”

Bruce Springsteen – “Valentine’s Day”

Linkin Park – “Valentine’s Day”

Merrell Twins – “It’s Valentine’s Day”

Marilyn Manson – “Valentine’s Day”

T’Pau – “Valentine”




    • LOL neither did I, actually. I knew a few of them, but once I started scrolling on Youtube I found lots more 🙂 It’s definitely a popular topic for songwriters!


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