Gig review: Empyre – Proud Camden – 28th January 2017

I’ve been following Empyre for a while now and they are one of my favourite bands. I interviewed Henrik and Did from the band back in 2015. You can read that interview here:

Since then, the band have released another EP and a few singles, as well as posting some great acoustic music on their Youtube channel.

Saturday’s gig was the first time I’d seen them play live. Their performance at Proud Camden was awesome. They started with their most recent single, “Drive”, a fantastic rock track, which was recently a “Track of the Day” here at Rock and Roll.

The band went on to play all the songs from their first 2 EPs (EP1 and Something Remains) as well as another song that they hadn’t played live before, which sounded great. They ended with “Homegrown”, a favourite of mine.

Empyre are a brilliant live band. The songs sounded just as good live as they are on the recorded versions. These guys need much more exposure because they are producing some of the best rock music out there. Both of their EPs are top-notch.

As they were the first band of the day at the Camden Rocks all-dayer, the crowd were still needing to be warmed up so unfortunately there were not many people standing. This didn’t faze them though. They were there to put on a fantastic show and they did.

Although it was early in the day, Empyre’s songs were received well by the crowd, with lots of cheering and clapping, even a request for an encore at the end. By the end of the show, more people were turning up to the venue and I’m sure the band would have picked up a few new fans.

If you have the opportunity to catch Empyre at one of their upcoming shows, you should take it! You won’t be disappointed:

Feb 18 – Rockafellas – Daventry w/ Alter Eden, A Blessing In Disguise
Feb 24 – King Billy – Northampton
Mar 10 – The Yards – Kettering
Mar 25 – The Bear – Northampton w/ Red Triangle Circus Gang
May 05 – The Bell – Bicester

Follow the band:








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