Album review: Hoodlums – The Wild Young Hearts

15965782_796376597167406_7268406422052164367_nI’ve interviewed Robb Laffoon of The Wild Young Hearts a couple of times over the past two years. Here’s a link to the most recent one:

The Wild Young Hearts are based in Los Angeles, CA. Their bio boasts: “The Wild Young Hearts is here to make you feel good.” They do indeed produce some awesome feel-good music.

The band have just released a new album. “Hoodlums” is a brilliant collection of songs that explores the highs and lows (mainly lows!) of relationships. It contains all the sunny riffs you would expect from this band but also has a lot of depth; the lyrics are deep and their music has taken a slightly experimental or alternative direction in places. You’ll find that most of the stories in these songs have a sad theme, but somehow the band keep their promise and the songs do make you feel good! šŸ™‚

If you’ve enjoyed their last two albums, you’ll love “Hoodlums”. I’d recommend it to anyone who enjoys rock and roll, especially “surf rock”. The Wild Young Hearts are a talented young band. Definitely one to look out for.



Track listing:

1. My Oldest Friend

2. Sad Songs

3. You Can’t See Me

4. Hoodlums

5. She’s High

6. Take You Home

7. B.T.W.

8. Already Dead

9. Sunset Comatose

10. San Diego Calling

11. Wasted Holiday

12. Every Time


The album starts with My Oldest Friend. This has quite introspective and melancholy lyrics but with a melodic and groovy sound that uplifts. The song has that sunny “California rock” sound that this band are known for. It’s a track about looking back on life, and has the feeling of someone giving up on trying to please someone else or get that person’s attention.

Sad Songs is the next track. This is another track with quite a sad theme. It seems to be about a break-up or someone leaving.

I’m sorry that all these songs turned out so sad

… the lyrics have a very real and heartfelt quality to them.

You Can’t See Me – This song appears to be about a relationship that somehow hasn’t worked out, with lyrics that are perhaps ironic. It’s followed by the title-track, Hoodlums. This one takes the band into more of an indie, alternative direction; the music is slightly more downbeat, melding with thought-provoking and introspective lyrics. The next track, She’s High, is one of my favourites. It has a kind of conversation going on in the verses, where there are humorous replies to the singer’s statements. It’s quite an original way of constructing a song and again shows the band moving into a more experimental direction with their music. A cool alternative rock song.



Take You Home is another example of how this band’s songs are more like stories and the lyrics are an important part of the songs. This one has a more upbeat and positive vibe.

B.T.W. has a bit of a punk sound and attitude, backed up with driving guitars and catchy riffs. The next track, Already Dead, starts off with an awesome riff and builds to a song that seems to be a statement about our times.

Maybe then we’ll learn a lesson, and all this violence will end

Like all The Wild Young Hearts’ songs, the lyrics are powerful and the song has a catchy beat. This song is another one of my favourites.



The next track is Sunset Comatose. This one is quite punky and has a dancey groove. Its lyrics seem to talk of regret and reflection on a relationship gone wrong. It has some of that California rock sound that gives this band its instantly recognisable quality.

San Diego Calling tells a story about someone leaving home and reflecting on that decision. It has a sunny vibe with a nostalgic quality to the lyrics.

Wasted Holiday has a catchy chorus and quite an upbeat sound even though the lyrics speak of loneliness.

The last track Every Time, another favourite of mine, is the slowest and most brooding track on the album. A sad song with poignant lyrics. It has an acoustic sound. A nice way to close the album.


All the tracks on “Hoodlums” are quite short, but they all make a statement and have a memorable quality. This band are going from strength to strength. This is an album that contains quite a lot of different sounds. The Wild Young Hearts have the knack of producing thought-provoking songs with sunny and uplifting music even where the lyrics are often reflective or moody and brooding. I’ve enjoy all their albums, but think this may well be my favourite.

Buy the album at Bandcamp:

Follow the band:








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