Track of the Day: Long Ago – Maximum High

Today’s track of the day, “Long Ago”, is from Maximum High’s debut EP, released last November.

The 4-track EP is available to stream/purchase on Bandcamp:

Track listing:

  1. Long Ago
  2. Don’t Let Me Down
  3. Control My Love
  4. Stay

a2211481847_16Maximum High have a fresh, groovy, rock sound that incorporates elements of punk and blues. The melodies are catchy with the lyrics playing a central role. The vocals are crisp, clear, and powerful. This is an EP that will appeal to fans of rock, funk, and beyond. A really eclectic mix of sounds that blend together well to produce an original and impressive collection of tracks.

The band will be playing at six d.o.g.s in Athens, Greece, on 11th February 2017. See the Facebook Event page for details:

Band bio:

Maximum High is here. Vibrant and dynamic, delivers high energy rock beats that incorporates funk, dub, dance and punk sounds into their own identifiable style. Based out of Athens – Greece, they are long time known members of the local scene.

Maximum High is: Irene Dimopoulou – vocals, Thanos Amorginos – guitar, Dimitri Koutsiouris – bass and Nick Zografos – drums.

The first seed of their collaboration is a four track E.P. recorded in their own studio with a DIY approach and an anything goes mentality along with vintage analog equipment.

Maximum High is better listened to on Maximum high levels.

Follow the band:








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