Album Review: Selfish Age, by As Lions

14462887_978664835577577_452333460874348198_nI’ve been following As Lions for a while now. Initially I was curious to see the band, being an Iron Maiden fan, because the lead singer, Austin, is Bruce Dickinson’s son. I have now become a fan of As Lions, having seen them at Camden Rocks last year and again at their EP release gig at Alleycat. Their live performances are full of passion and energy; they engage with the crowd and have a very professional air about them. As Lions are an impressive new band, who now have a debut album to their name. It’s a good one.

Selfish Age is definitely an album for our time. With titles such as The Suffering, Aftermath, and World On Fire, it tells of a world that is becoming more egocentric and self-obsessed, with all the resulting devastation and fallout.

Four of the tracks were featured on the band’s debut EP, Aftermath, last year: Aftermath, White Flags, Deathless, and World On Fire.


The first track on the album is Aftermath. It’s a good choice for a first track as it sets the scene for the album, which contains lots of deep lyrics and social commentary, yet maintains an uplifting sound as if it is a beacon for hope beyond the destruction.

What have we created, what have we become? Meaningless and jaded…

Track 2, The Suffering, is a heavy track with an anthemic chorus and pulsating guitars. The lyrics are quite introspective, and you get the sense of someone who is continually struggling to find a way out of a situation but keeps meeting the same obstacles or demons at every turn. The mood of the song suggests an urgency to be free of a situation or personal battle.

Track 3, Bury My Dead begins more slowly with piano and vocals that slowly build with the music to a heavy and dramatic chorus. This is also quite a deep song, with lyrics that suggest leaving an irredeemable situation behind.

Fans of the band will be familiar with the next track Deathless, which was released last year on the band’s debut EP. This is a great Hard Rock song, with heavy riffs and a memorable, passionate chorus.

The title track is next on the album. Selfish Age is an upbeat track that contains elements of melodic rock, with a catchy chorus; it continues the theme of a degeneration.

White Flags is one of the band’s best known songs as it was released as a single last year. It’s a wonderfully melodic rock song with thought-provoking lyrics. The vocals drive the chorus and there are excellent guitar parts, with an overall dramatic sound.

Track 7 is Pieces. This song starts slowly and builds into an anthemic rock track. The drums are quite prominent, creating an ambient and optimistic driving beat along with lyrics that seem to be a call to arms, or plea for change, in an album that reflects upon a downward spiral in the world.

The next track World on Fire continues the theme of hope for change and is one of my favourite songs on the album. It has powerful, introspective lyrics,

I see the lights, I see a world on fire, I see the times and I fear for you and I…

This world has got to change…

The melody is addictive, and the guitar and drum parts are perfectly timed with the lyrics to produce a hard-hitting track. A deep and meaningful song.

One by One, is an eclectic mix of different rock styles, starting slowly and then building, with a few highs and lows within the track. Again it has this band’s trademark sound, with introspective, thought-provoking lyrics backed up by emotive music and passionate vocals.

The next song, The Fall, was the first song I heard by the band and remains one of my favourites. If As Lions had a signature tune that encapsulated what they were about, I think this one would be it. A heavy beat and anthemic chorus, with passionate lyrics and excellent riffs and guitar solos.

The last song on the album is The Great Escape. This is a good track to end this awesome album. It’s heavy, upbeat, and leaves the listener feeling uplifted with its positive vibe and inspiring lyrics.

tumblr_static_cdtz9eoyip4o4044440csg44sSelfish Age is a very relevant collection of songs. The theme of despair and redemption recurs throughout the 11-track album. The music is almost theatrical in parts and has an emotional and passionate sound. The vocals are powerful and seem to lead and set the tone for the music. The guitars, drums, and keyboards are thunderous throughout. As Lions‘ music is Rock/Hard Rock, with some Metal and Emo/Post-hardcore influence. They have quite a unique sound.

Follow this link to the band’s website where you can find details of where to buy/stream the album:

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