Track of the Day – THE CRUEL KNIVES ‘The World We Were Sold’

cruelknivesThe bad news: Heaven’s Basement is no more. I loved the band’s release ‘Filthy Empire‘ (several tracks off that release are absolute gold, as far as I’m concerned), but the band parted ways with singer Aaron Buchanan some time ago, and now they’ve announced that yes, Heaven’s Basement as we knew it is gone.

The good news: Sid Glover and Rob Ellershaw of Heaven’s Basement, together with Tom Harris and Al Junior, have formed a new band called The Cruel Knives. The band’s debut single is called “The World We Were Sold”, and the new crew is heading out on tour with The Pretty Reckless this January and February.

(If you’re wondering what happened to drummer Chris Rivers Nuttall, he has decided not to join the new band for personal reasons. However, check out his artwork: his paintings are quite spectacular.)

The Cruel Knives Facebook / Twitter


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