Album review – SLENDER ‘Revival’

slender_revivalI confess I hadn’t heard of this Canadian band until they hooked up with Rock And Roll on Twitter, but man, am I glad I gave them a listen. ‘Revival’ is Slender’s debut album, and it is a confident and well-crafted release, featuring ten tunes by a band with some serious rock’n’roll chops. There are beautiful vocals, backed up by some awesome musicians, and the tunes are alive with melodies and lyrics that have both heart and power.

According to the band’s bio, the five guys in the band have spent years honing their chops in the music business before coming together to create Slender. On ‘Revival’ they use all of their combined experience and skill, resulting in a debut album that sounds so good it leaves you wanting more.

The track-list is rock-solid, gleaming with a clean and strong modern rock sound, and several of the tunes are real gems. Slender’s music is made even better by the emotionally charged lyrics, adding another layer of complexity and depth to ‘Revival’.


All of ‘Revival’ is solid, but my favourite is probably the first half. Starting off with ‘Dig Deep’ the band impresses with soaring vocals backed up by strong and powerful guitars and drums. There’s a passionate, plaintive tone to this track that gives it a really great vibe. Slender ups the ante on the second track ‘Different Devil’. It’s a faster, darker tune that throbs with urgency – “We’re dealing with the same hell / Just a different devil” – and the deep and rugged bass really hooked me.

‘The Moment’ might be the album’s strongest track: it is a rough, riffy, and powerful rocker that really pulls you in. It might also be the album’s heaviest track, showcasing all of Slender’s significant strengths.

Other standouts for me include the hard-driving ‘Undone’, the exceptionally beautiful ‘Ebony’ with gorgeous vocals and acoustic guitar; and the soft, slightly ethereal ‘Like I Do’.


Slender shows off some excellent song-writing skills, outstanding vocals, and stellar musical chops on ‘Revival’. This is a strong and impressive debut from a band I hope to hear a lot more from!

Slender’s official website / Facebook / Twitter


  1. Dig Deep
  2. Different Devil
  3. The Moment
  4. Undone
  5. Ebony
  6. Like I Do
  7. Another Life
  8. Forgive Me
  9. Apology
  10. Last Goodbye


  • Frank Valiante – Vocals and Guitar
  • Laurent Massaad – Guitar
  • Vincent Roy – Guitar
  • Pascal Poirier – Bass
  • Dan Mayrand – Drums

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