Interview with Phillip Strange of Evilyn Strange

I recently caught up with one of my favourite singers, Phillip Strange, from the band Evilyn Strange. We’re big fans of Evilyn Strange here at Real Rock and Roll. You can check out Maria Haskins’ review of their latest EP, “Evilution” here:


Evilyn StrangeHello, Phill! Welcome to Real Rock and Roll. 🙂 The last time I interviewed you was back in 2013! Since then you’ve released your album “Mourning Phoebe” and your EP “Evilution”. I understand you’re working on another album at the moment. What can fans expect from that, and do you have a release date yet?

EvilynStrangeMike and I have been ploughing away for three years on the new songs. We could have put it out last year but we wanted it to sound as good as possible. This means tweaking vocals, lyric changes, drum parts, bass parts and the whole other world of mixing. Because of the delays with the Ghost tracking his drums we invariably wrote more songs… which were then subjected to the same scrutiny. Caught in a vicious circle of our own making, ha, ha!

Ha, ha! Sounds very similar to the experience I have when writing novels and short stories, the endless re-writing and editing! 🙂

Without jinxing us I’m hoping for a summer release at the latest. Perhaps we’ll have some streams on YouTube to let people know we’re still alive in the meantime. Expect some proper rock n’ roll!

Looking forward to it! 😀

What usually comes first for you when you write songs, the lyrics or the music?

In the past it’s been a mixture of both but Mike and I have developed an understanding where I concentrate on lyric and melody and he looks after musical arrangements and chord structures.

What have been some of Evilyn Strange’s highlights so far?

To be honest, just getting our music out there has been the highlight. We have struggled to make people aware of our music which is a shame. We’ve written some cool music so hopefully we can make a little more headway this year.

Do you plan to tour or play any gigs to promote your new album?

We would love to but we need to find an audience first. The costs are beyond us at this point.

Hopefully the breakthrough will happen soon! I’d love to see Evilyn Strange live! 🙂

You’re also involved in a separate project, Strange Dogs. Tell us a bit about the project and how you became involved in that.

A glorious collaboration born through the Internet. Working with Didier has been great fun and is different musically to Evilyn Strange. We’re actually hoping to get Mike playing on a Strange Dogs track so watch this space, ha, ha!

If you could write/compose a song with a musician (dead or alive), who would you choose and why?

Wow, tough call! So many greats… I’m gonna say Ronnie James Dio just to hear that voice again. I’m sure he’d have some great stories too.

Great choice!

When buying music do you prefer download, CD, cassette, or vinyl?

In an ideal world it’s vinyl but I usually end up with the CD. I like to have physical product because I want to support the artists who make the music.

Me too; I usually get the CD version to play in my car and also the mp3.

What are some of your favourite new albums of 2016?

I picked up the latest Heart and Hardline CDs so they spent a lot of time in my car.

hearthardlineIf you could change anything about the music industry, what would that be?

The music industry only has itself to blame for its current predicament following years of excess. Artists are no longer revered in the same way as they were before the internet. That’s not a bad thing in itself but I think it’s now gone too far the other way.

Hmm… sad but true.

Do you have any new year resolutions?

To release the new Evilyn Strange album before 2018!

Ha, ha! 😀

Apart from music, I’ve noticed that you’ve also recently got involved in producing a game, Raid HQ. How did that come about?

I’ve been making computer/console games for the last 27 years! I’m a very lucky man to earn a living from something I truly enjoy. The first game I was involved with came out on the C64… Yes, I’m that old ha, ha!



Thank you so much for joining me here today, Phill! Do you have any other news for your fans?

I’d like to thank everyone who picked up Evilution – it really helps to know someone out there enjoys what we do. Hopefully the new album will get us a little momentum so we can consider a few gigs. Also, thank you Maria for giving me the opportunity to talk about our music.

It’s a pleasure, you’re music is awesome! 🙂


You can purchase Evilyn Strange’s album, “Mourning Phoebe”, and EP, “Evilution” from the band’s website, Amazon, iTunes and Google Play. Stream on Spotify.

Follow Evilyn Strange:





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