EP review – PRÖWESS ‘Headfirst’

image03As a music-blogger, there are times when I count myself especially lucky. Getting a preview taste of ‘Headfirst’, the debut EP from North Carolina-based band Pröwess, is definitely one of those times. I’ve followed this band for a while now, and when I sat down for my first listen I had a serious case of high expectations combined with an excited heart-flutter. Turns out, the EP exceeded, no make that: blasted away, whatever expectations I had: this is a kick-ass debut, burning hot with rip-roaring rock and roll fire. It’s also heavy and rugged enough to hit you good in all the right spots.

While the band is new, the band members are no neophytes to the business of writing and playing music. These guys know what they’re doing and it shows: the sound is tight, strong, and powerful from the first track to the last.

Opening track ‘No Survivors’ hooked me right off the bat with great vocals, a hooky as hell chorus, and the best kind of raw and meaty riffs. Second track ‘Show Me’ revs things up again, and has the kind of dirty, sweaty rock’n’roll swagger that is absolutely irresistible.


The band shows off some real lyrical depth on ‘Killing A Giant’ – (“I been trying to hide the monster / living inside of me / the path appears misunderstood / Take your lies and take your shame / take the pills to hide your pain / gotta find another way”) – bringing a lot of passion and pain to a track that manages to be both catchy and emotionally powerful.

‘Shaker’ is a blistering hot tune with all the stripper-pole swing you could ask for. It’s just a wickedly awesome, sexy-as-sin tune and had me hitting replay a few times. Final track ‘Overboard’ is a fast-paced rocker that caps this flawless debut from Pröwess, and also makes me want to hear them live in the worst way. (Come to Vancouver, boys!)

Pröwess wields influences from rock bands through the 60s, 70s and 80s, but they’ve got their own thing going on, and they have the kind of skill, energy, and swagger that gives the music a pulse and heartbeat all its own. My tip: keep your eyes and ears on this band, because I have a feeling they are going places.

Pröwess official website / Facebook / Twitter


  1. No Survivors
  2. Show Me
  3. Killing A Giant
  4. Shaker
  5. Overboard


  • Dalton Bowes – Vocals
  • Scott Roby – Guitar
  • Kip Wilson – Guitar
  • Adam Ellis – Drums
  • Kenny Keeler – Bass


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