Track of the Day: Spiritual Warfare – Vintage Radio Gods

For today’s track of the day, I’ve picked “Spiritual Warfare” the title track from Vintage Radio Gods’ new album.

This band have a wonderfully classic rock sound. The whole album is great. You can stream/download the album (also available as a CD with a limited edition mini LP jacket replica) from Bandcamp:


a4162675749_16The album will also be available from iTunes, Spotify, CD Baby, etc. soon.

Band Bio:

Vintage Radio Gods is a high-energy rock band based in Nashville, TN. Their sound is rooted in classic and progressive rock. They lay a great rock foundation and build a wall of sound on top. Some of the band’s influences include Pearl Jam, Rush, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Gin Blossoms, and Black Sabbath.

Frontman Jason Fox has a rocker’s voice, and the soul necessary to back it up. When Jason takes the stage, everyone knows it. Jason is a stage veteran, and knows how to get a crowd amped!

Guitarist Chris Hatter skillfully sustains the magic with wicked licks and leads. Chris takes his Nashville sound and adds dynamite to it. Chris is technically masterful on the guitar, and knows how to shred.

Bassist Clayton Griffin is a seasoned player in various genres of music and brings his own personal version of the ‘Memphis Groove’ to the mix. His personality in the rhythm section gives extra depth and dimension to the band

Finally, Drummer Nick Hatter. Nick is the heartbeat, and the life blood of the band that delivers the beats holding it all together and takes the band and the audience to the dark side and back again.

All members are gifted song writers and musicians, who bring something new, original, and fresh to the Nashville area, and are ready to take the band onto the National scene.

Follow the band:




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