Interview with Max Wegmann

Talented independent musician Max Wegmann released his debut EP, “In the Corner of My Eye”, this year. The EP contains 5 cool, bluesy, alternative rock tracks.

You can stream the EP on Soundcloud and Spotify and buy it on iTunes and Amazon.

After listening to his excellent EP I was interested to find out more about Max and his music, so invited him here for a chat.


How long have you been writing and producing music?

Officially I’ve been writing music and playing in bands since high school but I’ve always had an interest in making music since a young age. I went to religious schools from k-12 and music was a large part of my education, which exposed me to a lot of church music and classical music. I first started singing in church. I was a choir nerd.

Ha,ha 🙂

What instruments do you play, and which instrument is your favourite?

The guitar is my main instrument but I also play a little piano and bass. I actually prefer to write on piano. I have a better perspective of where the music is on a keyboard, but when it comes to live performance I am most comfortable (and capable) on guitar.

How would you describe your style of music, and which musicians would you say have influenced your style?

I guess I would call it indie/alternative but I try hard to be unique in my writing and I like to draw influence from a really wide range of styles and genres. My parents listened to a lot of funk and soul, and I loved classic rock growing up. I also love ’90’s Hip Hop, indie rock, classical, old country…. To me, good music is good music wherever and whenever it comes from. I try to draw from as many styles as I can. Specifically, one of my biggest influences is Jack White. I heard the song “Ball and a Biscuit” when I was 14 and ever since then Jack White has been a guru for me.

He’s a great musician. And, yes, I agree with “good music is good music”; it should never just be judged by style or genre 🙂

You’ve recently released an EP ‘In the Corner of My Eye’ and recorded it in your home studio. Did you work with any other musicians, or are you a ‘one man band’?

That EP was recorded entirely by me. I play every instrument. The drum sounds you hear where played on my $100 Yamaha keyboard using the drum setting. I’d really prefer to work with a live band but necessity forced me do it all myself, although, it was fun to have complete control over each part.

Tell us a bit about the songs on the EP. What inspired them, and are any based on real life experiences?

Some are personal like “Blatantly” which is about a person in my life I loved but when I needed them they weren’t there for me. Other songs are less personal like “Roll Down Your Window Slowly”, which was partly inspired by the drugs deals I would see from my apartment window. “Feed My Evolution” and “The First Hit” are a bit more stream of consciousness revolving around a theme, the former being growth and change and the latter loneliness and frustration.

Do you have any favourite songs that you’ve written?

I like different things about each song but my personal favorite on the EP is “Feed My Evolution”. That song was a struggle but when it finally came together I think its some of my strongest writing. It has a very unique sound I think it sums up my musical influences pretty well.

What usually comes first for you, the lyrics or the music?

Music comes first. I consider myself a lyricist last and a musician first.

Do you have any gigs planned?

I’ll be playing at Bobby’s Idle Hour on Music Row in Nashville on Jan 7 at 7pm. I play regularly around Nashville but that is the only show lined up at the moment. People can follow me on twitter (@MaxWegmannMusic) to get updates on upcoming shows.

What are some of your favourite new albums of 2016?

Lately I’ve been moving backwards. There is a huge amount of amazing music made over the centuries to discover and listen to, so I have a list of albums that came out this year I still need to get to with the exception of Anderson Paak’s album “Malibu” that came out this year which I think is fantastic.

What are your musical plans for 2017?

At the moment I am working on setting up some performance dates. I am also working hard to promote my EP “In the Corner of My Eye”. I don’t plan too far in advance. My main goal is to get my music to as many people as possible whenever possible.

Thank you, Max! Wishing you continued success with your music 🙂


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