New Music: Elmore – I’m Still Here

I was just browsing on Youtube and came across this excellent new single and music video from Elmore. “I’m Still Here” is his debut single, and it’s so good I had to share it here.


At age 18 Elmore began playing shows in local bars and venues, Uploading his covers and originals to sites like YouTube and Facebook, he gained confidence from the feedback he received. At the of age 21 Elmore headed towards Western Europe on a busking tour. Leaving with nothing but some musical equipment and a very limited amount of money he began playing music on the streets of Berlin and Amsterdam, Selling CDs to fund his trip, This tour lasted over 3 months before soon decided to make a more permanent move to Manchester and continue busking. This experience helped him to develop an organic fan base throughout the UK and Europe. Elmore is now back living in Wexford and is excited to start working on his new album with his new management and production team at Savee Entertainment Group.

You can download the single on iTunes:

Stream on Spotify.

Follow Elmore:




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