Five bands you should be listening to right now



Combining the considerable talents and experience of dUg Pinnick, Ray Luzier, and George Lynch, KXM definitely packs a heavy punch. The band’s self-titled debut was impressive, and a new album is in the works: I really can’t wait to hear what this band brings out this time around. This is one “super group” that is making some truly original and power-packed tunes.

KXM on Facebook / Twitter

Dirty Thrills

My fellow Rock And Roll writer Maria Savva first turned me onto this band, and as always she has impeccable taste. Dirty Thrills has all the swagger and power needed to knock you flat with some dirty, bluesy, riff-heavy rock and roll. Check them out, and be ready for this band to go far.

Dirty Thrills’ official website / Facebook / Twitter

Scorpion Child

I’ve been following this band for a few years (ever since I first heard the track ‘Polygon of Eyes’) and they are just frigging astonishingly good. I have yet to see them live. However, my fellow Rock And Roll writer Maria Savva recently saw them in London and was very impressed (read her gig-review) (I’m still green with envy…) Check out Scorpion Child’s latest release ‘Acid Roulette’ for a taste of rock and roll awesomeness.

Scorpion Child’s  Facebook / Twitter / YouTube


Celtic hard rock, that’s what Torous does and they are so. damn. good at it. These guys are on fire, musically, lyrically, creatively… creating music with  a vibe and sound all their own. This three-piece is not afraid to stretch and flex its musical muscles, and the results are jaw-droppingly good. Definitely one of the most unique and impressive bands I’ve listened to in recent years. Read Maria Savva’s gig-review from Fiddler’s Elbow in November!

Torous on Facebook / Twitter / Soundcloud

Florence Black

Again, thanks to Maria Savva for pointing me in the direction of this band. I recently checked out one of Maria’s playlists on Spotify, and every track I heard there from Florence Black was a stunner. It’s a three-piece with a floor-shaking, rip-roaring rock and roll sound. Check out the band’s debut EP to get a taste of this kick-ass crew.

Florence Black Website / Facebook / Twitter



  1. Great blog post, Maria! I’m glad you like Dirty Thrills and Florence Black as much as I do! It’s interesting because I found out about Torous and Scorpion Child from reading your blog posts and they’re now two of my favourite bands 🙂

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