Track of the Day: Opportunities (Let’s Make Lots of Money) – Revenant Dead

I was a big Pet Shop Boys fan in the ’80s and still love their music. Last week I was followed on Twitter by a metal band, Revenant Dead, and they sent me a tweet with a Youtube link to one of their songs. I was curious enough to listen to it and enjoyed it. That was actually a link to their song “Death Spawn”, which is brilliant. I’m picking their track “Opportunities” as Track of the Day today though because it’s their latest release, and is amazing. I love the Pet Shop Boys’ original and I love what Revenant Dead have done with it! 🙂


You can get a copy of the single on iTunes:

They also have 2 albums on iTunes, “I.R.M.” and “Two Evils”. They are currently working on a new album. You can stream their music on Spotify.

Another interesting thing to note is that the guitarist, Aydin Guner, has published a horror/supernatural fiction novel. Check it out on Amazon:

51acxt9krsl-_sx260_Follow the band:





  1. I also love the Pet Shop Boys and played their album “Please” until it was nearly worn down. “West End Girls” is one of my Top 10 all-time favorite songs, and I loved “Opportunities” as well. This cover by Revenant Dead is a great hard rock interpretation, proving once again that a really good song can be played very differently and still work.

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    • I love West End Girls, too! Always been one of my fave Pet Shop Boys songs 🙂
      The best cover versions, I think, are the ones that really change the song in some way. This one is brilliant.

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