Track of the Day – HOTEI ‘Walking Through The Night’ (featuring Iggy Pop)


Hotei is a Japanese guitarist who is perhaps best known for his song ‘Battle Without Honor Or Humanity’ – a track that was used as the theme in Tarantino’s film ‘Kill Bill’. ‘Walking Through The Night’ features Iggy Pop on vocals, and is taken from Hotei’s debut UK release ‘Strangers’. Also featured on that album are Matt Tuck from Bullet For My Valentine, Richard Z. Kruspe from Rammstein, as well as other musicians.


Here’s a bit more about the inspiration for the track:

The video is stunningly filmed and follows a man’s nocturnal journey through the seedy back streets of Tokyo, lured by the bright lights of temptation which you can watch at the link below. We’ve also got a great clip of Iggy talking about the track and working with Hotei here where he explains, “I tried to put myself on a late night brightly lit Shinjuku street, feeling alone, sexually vulnerable and a little bit angry… a little bit horny…


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