Free music download: Matchstickmen – From Our Own Ashes #NewMusic

Matchstickmen release their final album this Friday. “From Our Own Ashes” is a fantastic collection of songs, some of which you may be familiar with as the band have previously released some of the songs as singles.

1928258_10153837717528387_4701870063145577654_nHere’s a statement from the band’s record company, Holier Than Thou Records

Matchstickmen release their final album this Friday “From Our Own Ashes”. You can download now FREE from bandcamp; offer ends Friday night, then it’s out on general release at the weekend:…/from-our-own-a… The band want to thank their fans, the media, and venues for the support. Lew and the guys are launching a new project in the new year… more news to follow soon.

Track listing:

  1. Wake Up Call
  2. Cheap Little Thrill
  3. For No Reason
  4. The Wrong Side Of 30
  5. Imperfection
  6. Different Paths
  7. Hit By Chance
  8. On The Surface
  9. Not Knowing
  10. Numb
You can find all the band’s releases on iTunes. They have an awesome back catalogue of albums and EPs:


Stream their music on Spotify.

Follow Matchstickmen:




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