Pre-order the As Lions debut album, Selfish Age!

aslionsAs Lions’ highly anticipated debut album is now available to pre-order. The album is scheduled for release on 20th January 2017. It includes all the tracks from their excellent EP “Aftermath”. When you pre-order the album you’ll get the whole EP as an instant download.

Follow this link to pre-order on CD, vinyl, or digital download: There are also some bundles available, including T-shirts.

tumblr_static_cdtz9eoyip4o4044440csg44sTrack listing:

1. Aftermath (3:38)
2. The Suffering (3:48)
3. Bury My Dead (3:33)
4. Deathless (3:33)
5. Selfish Age (3:09)
6. White Flags (3:29)
7. Pieces (3:51)
8. World On Fire (3:37)
9. One By One (3:33)
10. The Fall (4:07)
11. The Great Escape (3:40)

The band are currently on tour in America supporting Five Finger Death Punch and Sixx:A.M.

Follow As Lions:






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