5 bands you should be listening to right now


This November, you might be looking for a strong shot of rock and roll to keep you going. Look no further: here are five of my favourite bands that I think you should be listening to right now.


The Amorettes

Scottish three-piece The Amorettes plays straight-up, unadulterated, kick-ass rock and roll. I’ve been a fan since I first heard their tunes online (I picked them as a “band to watch” back in 2014) and I continue to just be blown away by the gut-punching energy and talent these ladies show wherever they go and whatever they do. Give their albums ‘Game On‘, and ‘White Hot Heat‘ a listen to get the full impact! The band is on tour right now: all the details are on the band’s website.

The Amorettes official website / Facebook / Twitter

Screaming Eagles

I can still remember the first time I listened to Screaming Eagles debute release ‘From The Flames‘ and it almost toppled me off my chair. They’ve only gotten better since then – check out the band’s latest release ‘Stand Up And Be Counted‘ for proof. With vocals to die for, and riffs to rip you a new one, Screaming Eagles is a definite must for anyone who loves rock and roll.

Screaming Eagles’ official websiteFacebook / Twitter

Aviator Shades

There are some excellent bands hard at work in Canada and British Columbia these days, and Aviator Shades is one of my absolute faves. Their album ‘Ready To Blow‘ is a rock and roll marvel, and they are spectacular live (I’ve seen them twice –read my gig-review from 2013 – and they blew me away both times). This is a band with mad musical skills and killer vocal harmonies (I mean, wtf right?, vocal harmonies?). Aviator Shades have a new album coming pretty soon, and I am really excited to see what kind of rock and roll goodness they’re bringing this time.

Aviator Shades official website / Facebook / Twitter

Chase The Ace

Chase The Ace has been going from strength to strength in the last few years: the band’s accomplishments include signing with Off Yer Rocka, playing Hard Rock Hell X, a tour with Hardcore Superstar and Michael Monroe… and releasing a truck-load of excellent music (check out their album ‘Hell Yeah‘, for example). This is a band that knows how to deliver good-time rock and roll: check them out for a great musical pick-me-up.

Chase The Ace official website / Facebook / Twitter


This Australian three-piece (based in Perth) is hot off the band’s first European tour (read my interview with guitarist Leon Todd about that), and has released some of my favourite albums in recent years. Ragdoll has a really unique sound, blending prog rock, hard rock, some 80s hair-rock sensibilities, and melodic rock into something all their own, and spectacularly good.  Check out their most recent album ‘Back To Zero‘, or ‘Ragdoll Rewound‘ (gathering together their marvelous back-catalogue into one spectacular offering) to experience the full impact of this Aussie rock-machine.

Ragdoll’s official website / Facebook / Twitter


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