A trip down memory lane – Side B

Following on from my post last week (if you missed it, catch up here: https://realrockandroll.wordpress.com/2016/11/05/a-trip-down-memory-lane-songs-from-a-mix-tape/ ), today I’m posting the tracks from side-B of the old mix-tape I found. This includes some glam rock, rock ‘n’ roll, and power ballads mostly from the late ’80s 🙂


1. All You Need Is Rock N Roll – White Lion

2. I’m The Man – Anthrax

3. Dance All Night – Lovetrick

4. Waste No Time – Bonfire

5. When I See You Smile – Bad English

6. Heaven – Warrant

7. Don’t Know What You’ve Got (Till It’s Gone) – Cinderella

8. Bang – Gorky Park

9. Love Don’t Lie – House of Lords

10. Jane – Craaft

11. Shot In The Dark – Ozzy Osbourne


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