Gig review: Torous – Fiddler’s Elbow, London – 2nd November 2016

I’ve been following Celtic Metal band Torous online for a while now and was looking forward to catching them live. The gig at The Fiddler’s Elbow in Camden last night was amazing. The music venue is small but quite a crowd had gathered for Torous’s show. This is a band who have been attracting more attention recently from the music press as they continue to release inspired and original music with a distinctly unique feel to it.

If you’re a metal fan, you really should check them out. Their music takes its inspiration from the best in the genre and adds a twist with a Celtic sound and almost tribal, progressive undertones.

The lighting for the show was great, with green star-like specks on the ceiling and a general colourful sprinkling of lights that added to the ambient and almost magical nature of the music.

Torous started the gig as they meant to go on with the song “Tolerate”, a track full of attitude, a catchy chorus, and full of heavy guitars and glorious riffs.

In the next 40 minutes or so, they went on to play their two most recent singles, “Colours” and “God Game Suicide”, as well as a few well-chosen tracks from their EPs and featured on their latest compilation album, including “Hide In Sides”.

There was a lot of dancing and head-banging going on as the crowd warmed up and were taken away by the music.

The three-piece band are very impressive. The hallmark of a good gig is that it is over too soon; this one definitely was.

I’ve been listening to Torous’s music a lot recently and wondered whether it would be as good live because it is so awesome on CD/digital. I would say it was just as good live, if not better because of the actual experience of seeing the band perform with such passion. This is a band that deserve to be touring the arenas with their show. The London gig was the last one on their UK tour. Look out for future tour announcements from Torous because they are a band to watch.

I’d recommend the compilation album as a place to start if you want to find out more about the music. Get a copy HERE.

The latest single, Colours can be purchased on iTunes:

Follow the band:







  1. […] Celtic hard rock, that’s what Torous does and they are so. damn. good at it. These guys are on fire, musically, lyrically, creatively… creating music with  a vibe and sound all their own. This three-piece is not afraid to stretch and flex its musical muscles, and the results are jaw-droppingly good. Definitely one of the most unique and impressive bands I’ve listened to in recent years. Read Maria Savva’s gig-review from Fiddler’s Elbow in November! […]


  2. […] This band are producing some of the most original music out there at the moment. They are currently at work on their debut album. I can hardly wait to hear it! Don’t miss your chance to see them play live. You can check out my review of their recent gig at The Fiddler’s Elbow HERE. […]


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