Track of the Day: If I Set You Free – The Wicked Whispers

screen-shot-2016-06-28-at-19-18-18The wonderfully psychedelic-sounding “If I Set You Free” is taken from The Wicked Whispers’ latest release, a double a-side single that also features the song “Zodiac Girl”.

You can get a copy on iTunes:

I’ve only just found out about this band, but have seen that they have a full-length album available on iTunes as well as some singles:

Stream their music on Spotify.

The band will be playing Liverpool Music Week‘s closing party on November 4th. Get tickets for just £6 HERE :

cvrigq8wcaazhk2They will also be playing The Weavers, Condorrat on 12th November 2016 with The Trend and the Changes. Details here:

The Wicked Whispers will also play La Violette Società 7 alongside Carwyn Ellis (Colorama), Nathan O’Hagan, and Mick Roach at 24 Kitchen Street on Wednesday 30th November for Violette Records, home of Michael Head & The Red Elastic Band. Tickets are £7.50 advance, available here:

14657441_1147140722001239_8217866347538304620_nFollow the band to keep up to date with their news:








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