Gig Review: Scorpion Child/Jared James Nichols/The Bad Flowers – London 30/10/16

Co7EnZAW8AAlejuLast night there were three fantastic bands playing at The Borderline in London. An amazing line up. I had gone along to see The Bad Flowers, who are in my opinion one of the best live rock bands out there at the moment. I didn’t really know what to expect from the other two bands but am so glad that I stayed to check them out. I had listened to some of Scorpion Child’s music in advance but that did not really prepare me for the awesome performance that I witnessed last night. They really are a band that have to be seen live to be appreciated if ever there was one.

First band in the line up was The Bad Flowers. If you follow my blog you’ll know that I’m a big fan of this band. I saw them supporting Crobot with Dirty Thrills in June and was very much looking forward to seeing them again. I arrived a few minutes late and as I approached the venue I could hear that they were already on stage playing one of my favourite tracks from their upcoming EP, “Can you Feel It?”.


In their half-hour set they also played a couple more songs from the EP, “City Lights” and “Big Country” as well as a couple of new songs, and “Hurricane” from their Killing Time EP. It was an outstanding performance. Although the venue was only half full when they got on stage as they were the first support band, it had filled up quite a bit by the time they finished and I could see that many of the audience were taking an interest in the band. This isn’t a band that you can ignore, really. They know how to belt out the hard rock tunes with energy and passion. I have high hopes for them. I’m sure it won’t be too long before they are headlining their own tour.

The Bad Flowers’ new EP will be re-released on 4th of November. If you haven’t got a copy yet, look out for it on iTunes. It’s brilliant. You can see my review of the EP from its release earlier in the year HERE.

I caught up with singer Tom Leighton at the gig and he told me that they are working on a full album with a possible release date sometime next spring. I’m looking forward to hearing that! The band also shot a music video for their single “City Lights” whilst in London. They will be playing Hard Rock Hell this year, on the Saturday.





Next on stage was Jared James NIchols and his band.

I hadn’t really heard much of this band’s music but enjoyed the show. It was a high-energy performance. At one point there was a problem with Jared’s guitar and he ended up having to play with 5 strings, but did a great job! 🙂 It was a very entertaining performance. If you’re a fan of Southern rock or Blues, you should definitely check out this band.



The headliners for this tour are Scorpion Child. I was actually blown away by their performance. They are a must-see live band. My fellow Real Rock and Roll writer, Maria Haskins has been raving about the band for ages but somehow I never got around to listening to any of their music. I recently saw the video for their single “Acid Roulette” from the album of the same name and knew then that I would probably like their music.

I listened to their new album and a couple of their older singles on the day of the gig to see what they were like and enjoyed listening to them. The live experience of their music is out of this world, though. This is a 5-piece band where each member adds something to the performance. To begin with they have a frontman who is amazing and really knows how to engage with the audience but also gets lost in his own world when the music is playing, and I love that. The keyboard player is equally as liable to get lost in his own world, and plays the keyboard unlike any other keyboard player I have seen. The guitarists are also interesting characters to watch and the drummer puts every last ounce of his energy into the performance. The velvet curtains at the back of the stage at The Borderline added to the retro ’60s/’70s vibe of the show. It is psychedelic rock at its best. I have just found a new favourite band to add to my ever-growing list. I couldn’t help smiling throughout the gig and even when thinking back to it. It was a great end to an amazing evening of live music.



Last night was the first night of the tour, tomorrow they’re in Chester. Catch them at one of the shows if you can, and get there early so you can check out the awesome support bands.

One of the best rock line-ups of the year.



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