New Music – The Man On The Moon – Burning Astronomers

“The Man On The Moon” is the latest single from the prolific songwriting duo Burning Astronomers. This band are producing very unique music. The new single is one of the best songs I’ve heard from them so far.

About the song:

Man On The Moon was barely more than an idea the early stages. It was around summer 2011 that the NASA space shuttle was being decommissioned rendering NASA a space organisation that could not send anyone to space and back anymore. A lot was made of this on the news and as with all space based conversations, it always came back to man landing on the moon and would we ever go back or beyond. The song is a lament at the lack of human ambition to go back to the moon and beyond…

The song was recorded in Birmingham, UK, and it will be featured on Burning Astronomers’ next EP, which is planned for release in January 2017.

I interviewed the band back in 2015. You can check out that interview here:

About the band:

Burning Astronomers come from the muddy banks of the Mersey and the silting backwaters of the Severn delta in distant Shropshire. Writers & performers of original songs, they are two friends who met at school many years from now & have conceived, written and recorded 3 self-produced albums and more recently 5 EPs working with the producer Simon J.Weaver.

Neil Byrne (singer/guitarist) says:

We’ve recorded our music in a garage, a village hall, a front room, a bedroom, inside, outside, this side, the other side, here, there and everywhere! We now work with our producer from his studio in Birmingham. It’s got a kitchen what more can we say 🙂
Influences include Roctopus and other artists.
We’re independent & create original music from somewhere in England – Nursery rhymes with a twist of lemon.
We’re currently working on our next EP wand will be playing some festivals in 2017.
Our music’s been played on BBC radio and you can find and hear us on all digital/streaming services worldwide as well as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter & Soundcloud.
Follow the band:

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