New release: Chaos Being – debut album

0008449214_100Chaos Being have stormed onto the scene with a very impressive debut album. I heard one of the tracks, “Don’t Understand”, last month and loved it so much that I made it Track of the Day. I was looking forward to hearing the album after that and was not disappointed. This is a brilliant album that progressive rock/metal fans will love.

a2955502019_16Track listing:

  1. Intro
  2. Don’t Understand
  3. Sway
  4. Oblivious
  5. J
  6. Listless
  7. Chaos Being
  8. Outro

As soon as you hear the first track, “Intro”, you just know it’s going to be a good metal album! It’s an instrumental track that somehow speaks volumes. With melodic riffs and heavy guitars it sets the scene for the rest of the album.

The next song, “Don’t Understand”, is one of my favourites. It’s heavy and has attitude. A pulsating beat, catchy guitar riff and passionate lyrics. The mid section of the song has a nice guitar part, which adds a mellow tone to the song before it builds up again to the heavy guitars.


Track 3 is “Sway”. This one has a long intro, anthemic and grungy lyrics. Like the other songs on the album the singer’s style is quite shouty, but this goes well with the style of the music.

“Oblivious” starts off heavy and then becomes more melodic with lyrics spoken over the toned-down guitars, then it builds up to the catchy chorus. I like the mix of spoken and sung lyrics in this track. The melodic/acoustic-sounding guitars interchanged with heavier riffs gives this song a very original sound. Another of my favourites.


The next song is “J”. This one also has quite a long intro and sounds like a progressive rock song. There are brooding, introspective lyrics. I like the repetitive sound of the chorus. You get the feeling that this song is all about the music with the lyrics being one element of that.

“Listless” has a storytelling-to-music feel. It has a punk rock/thrash metal sound. A high-energy track with great guitars and drums throughout.

The title track, “Chaos Being” follows. This one is a heavy track with some singing parts that reminded me a bit of Metallica’s “The Memory Remains”.

The final track is “Outro”. Like the intro track it’s very atmospheric and instrumental; a perfect ending to this excellent debut.

Definitely a band to watch!

Stream/buy the album on Bandcamp:

You can also stream the album on Spotify.

Band bio:

Chaos Being were born in 2014. Our music is a fusion among a meltin’ pot of influences taken from metal, stoner rock, grunge and punk. The sound is primordial but refined at the same time, motley and fleeting. We walk through loud crossroads, proudly refusing to chase any genre limitation.

Follow Chaos Being:



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