Album review and giveaway! Broken Lines – Giraffe Tongue Orchestra

I have an exclusive giveaway of a signed copy of the debut album from supergroup Giraffe Tongue Orchestra! Keep reading to find out how you can enter to win.

GIraffe Tongue Orchestra giveaway

Giraffe Tongue Orchestra are: William DuVall (of Alice In Chains), Ben Weinman (of Dillinger Escape Plan), Brent Hinds (of Mastodon), Pete Griffin (of Dethklok) and Thomas Pridgen (of The Mars Volta).

Following a successful Pledge Music campaign, the band released their album BROKEN LINES on September 23rd through Party Smasher Inc / Cooking Vinyl.


Track listing:

  1. Adapt or Die
  2. Crucifixion
  3. No-one is Innocent
  4. Blood Moon
  5. Fragments & Ashes
  6. Back to the Light
  7. All We Have Is Now
  8. Everyone Gets Everything They Really Want
  9. Thieves and Whores
  10. Broken Lines

Giraffe Tongue Orchestra have carved out their own unique style with this album. It’s one that all rock fans will want in their collection.


The album starts with a fast-paced and heavy track, “Adapt or Die”. It has hard hitting lyrics and an awesome guitar solo. It fits nicely with the next track, “Crucifixion”, which was an early single released at the start of the Pledge Music campaign and will probably be the track most rock fans will recognise. It’s a brilliant melodic, progressive rock song that continues the driving beat that the first track introduced. Again the lyrics are quite fiery and angsty.

“No-one is Innocent”, follows; it’s a hard rock song, again with a driving beat and powerful melodic chorus.

Track 4 is “Blood Moon”. This was also a single release by the band during the Pledge campaign. It’s one of my favourites on the album. It has great melodies and a catchy chorus. One thing about this album is that it doesn’t really sound like anything else you’ll hear on the rock music scene at the moment. This is a band that are not afraid to take risks in respect of trying new sounds and following their own style; letting the songs lead the way. All the songs seems like unique sculptured pieces that don’t fit neatly into a particular genre.

“Fragments & Ashes” is the next track on the album. It’s an alternative, and quite progressive rock song; quite experimental sounding.

“Back to the Light” is grungy, melodic, and funky in equal parts. It’s a solid track that seamlessly chops and changes between melodies, heavier riffs, and grungy parts.

It’s easy to compare Giraffe Tongue Orchestra to Alice In Chains because of William DuVall’s voice, but although this album has some of the same energy as AIC, it is not really much like anything the band has produced recently.

Track 7 is “All We Have Is Now”. It’s a slow, introspective track, mellow and haunting. Another one of my favourites. The lyrics are quite poignant.

“Everyone Gets Everything They Really Want” is a title to get you thinking. This track is another of my favourites, with a catchy chorus and a bit of a dancey vibe. The last minute of the song is excellent, bringing all of the different elements of the song’s composition together.

“Thieves and Whores” follows. It’s the shortest track on the album. It has a theatrical sound to the vocals and heavy grunge guitars. It’s another example of how experimental-sounding this album is.

The album ends with the title track “Broken Lines”. This one is a good example of a song that isn’t really rock, but isn’t grunge… it could be alternative or progressive. I suppose it’s experimental. It works, though. I like all the different elements that work well together. William DuVall’s vocals are very powerful throughout the album.



You can get a copy of BROKEN LINES on iTunes:

It’s avaialble in CD, mp3 and vinyl on Amazon:

Stream on Spotify.

The band will be on tour later this year in the US. Details here:

GIVEAWAY! (international)

If you’d like the chance to win a copy of this album on CD, a lyrics booklet signed by the band, as well as a GTO patch, leave a comment below. A winner will be chosen at random on the 20th of October 2016. Good luck!

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