Album review: Tracks of Wire – deux furieuses

14022085_1369026919778645_7208457087890048699_nI found out about “deux furieuses” on Twitter today and was curious enough to stream their album. I’m glad I did! “Tracks of Wire” is an amazing debut album.

As the name of the band suggests, there is a lot of anger and frustration that is being expressed in the lyrics of these songs. If you like rock, punk, alternative music that has something to say, you will love it. My favourite type of music, no matter the genre, contains some kind of social commentary and substance. This album has it all. Not only does it have thought-provoking and powerful lyrics, but the music is edgy, catchy, and addictive. The vocals are perfection.

“Tracks of Wire” is a very creative collection of songs. Every song is brilliant. Some of the music borders on progressive or experimental music. It’s not often you come across a debut album that is this good. This is a work of art and it’s unique. It’s like every song has been constructed around an idea, and each song has its own style: some are heavy, some are more melodic, but they all come together to make up different parts of what is a fantastic album. I found myself liking each song more than the one before and then listening to the whole album again and falling in love with it all over again.

Track listing:

  1. Can We Talk About This?
  2. Now You’re Gonna Listen
  3. Are We Sexy Enough?
  4. Get Nowhere
  5. Dream for Change
  6. Kill Us
  7. The Party of Shaitaan
  8. Philistines
  9. Out of My System
  10. I Want My Life Back
  11. Time to Mourn
  12. From Fear to Fury


This is a band that deserves to be heard. I like all the tracks but my favourites at the moment are “Dream for Change”, “Kill Us”, “Time to Mourn”, and “Can We Talk About This?”.

You can stream the album for free on the band’s website:

Buy a copy on iTunes:

Band bio:

Formed in 2013, deux furieuses are an unsigned Anglo/ Scottish agit punk duo “using sharpened words and thunderous music as their weapons to question these troubled times.”

Debut album TRACKS OF WIRE produced by Rob Ellis (PJ Harvey) was self-released on 20th May 2016.

The duo have released three singles with videos – “Can We Talk About This?” 2014, “The Party of Shaitaan” 2015 and “Are We Sexy Enough?” 2015.

deux furieuses have been reviewed/ featured in Huffington Post, Q Magazine, Music Week Magazine, Louder Than War, Punktastic, Artrocker, Room Thirteen, The Girls Are with radio support from BBC Radio 6 Music’s Gideon Coe, Tom Robinson at BBC Introducing and Radio X X-Posure – X-Posure Big One and One Night Stand live session.


Follow the band:







  1. First discovered this band live, I was looking for backing tapes as I didn’t think two musicians could create such a powerful wall of sound. I was wrong, the girls deliver real depth of quality throughout the whole set. Phenomenal album

    Liked by 1 person

    • I also wondered about that. With only 2 of them, it’s amazing that they manage to produce such awesome music – especially in a live setting. They’re very talented. Hoping to catch them live one day 🙂


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