Blistering New Album – THE BREW – ‘Shake the Tree’

The Brew’s fifth studio album – Shake the Tree – is here! These three guys play blues-tinged, melodic, blistering, arena rock. I’m listening to the album for the second consecutive time now, and it is freakin’ fantastic.



1. Johnny Moore
2. Knife Edge
3. Shake the Tree
4. Black Hole Soul
5. Without You
6. Rock’n’Roll Dealer
7. Name on a Bullet
8. Small Town Faces
9. Ambassador to the Lonely
10. My Juliet


I could sit here and talk about each song – the lyrics, the blazing guitar, the deep rumble of those drums, and the way the bass pulses through my skin – but I am endlessly, woefully behind on life. And, so, in the interest of time, I’m simply going to share a couple of songs. But, really, just go buy the album. 😉

Crank the volume, click play!

This is one of my favorites, Without You:


And here is the the title song, Shake the Tree:


The Brew is three guys from Grimsby, England.

The Brew

Jason Barwick – Guitar, Vocals
Kurtis Smith – Loud Drums
Tim Smith – Bass, Vocals


Connect, Stream, Purchase

Website / Facebook / Twitter / InstagramYouTube / Spotify / Amazon / iTunes


If you like what you hear, please consider connecting with the band and supporting their music.

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