Track of the Day – PRISTINE ‘Derek’


With a hot and swampy, heavy and bluesy riff, this track by Norwegian rock-band Pristine grabs hold of me from the start and does not let go: it’s just one of those tunes that makes you want more! The track is taken from the band’s album ‘Reboot’.

The band members are: Heidi Solheim on vocals, Espen Elverum Jakobsen on guitar, Åsmund Wilter Eriksson on bass, Benjamin Mørk on hammond organ, and Kim Karlsen on drums.

Download the album here:
Buy the LP here:
Stream the album here:

Quoting the band’s bio:

Pristine is a psychedelic rock blues band that hails from Tromsø wich is located in the northern arctic region of Norway, and with the charismatic redhead Heidi Solheim in front they forge their music with power, passion and intensity – blues with trace of southern rock, soul and funk.

Pristine’s official website / Facebook


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