Gig Review: Buck and Evans at The Crowndale – 24.09.16

14203286_639978439502114_1661328150913805112_nAfter seeing Buck & Evans play The Barfly earlier this year, I was looking forward to seeing them again. Last night’s performance was amazing. There was a delay because of some sound issues, so they took to the stage about half an hour later than planned. The sound issues were thankfully resolved a few minutes after they came on stage.

The band were on stage for about an hour and played a wonderful selection of songs, including “Ain’t No Moonlight”, “Going Home”, “Impossible”, “Slow Train”, and “Dreams To Remember”. They also treated us to a brilliant encore of “Screaming”, one of my favourites, which they didn’t play when I saw them back in May.

It was a mesmerising show. Sally-Ann’s voice is amazing; she’s one of the best female vocalists on the scene at the moment. Chris Buck plays his guitar with such passion; I love watching him play. The rhythm section, Dominic Hill (Bass) and Bob Richards (drums) are a talented duo, who complement Sally-Ann and Chris perfectly. I’ve probably said this before, but this is a must-see live band. Their music is very soulful and should appeal to anyone who likes rock and blues.

You can see a video of a live stream of the song “Sinking”, which the band posted on Facebook during the show last night, here: (scroll down the page for the video).

Buck & Evans have a few upcoming shows in Wales. If you’re in the area, you should definitely try to catch a show. Check out their website for details:

Keep an eye on their Facebook and other social media for more gig announcements.

14390854_646668328833125_3055237903790179753_nFollow the band:







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