Gig review: Florence Black at The Black Heart, Camden 22/09/16

The Black Heart is a small venue tucked away in the backstreets of Camden. More and more these days some of the best gigs are being played in these tiny venues. The underground scene is buzzing with so many talented independent bands creating awesome music.

Florence Black EPFlorence Black released their debut EP this year via Pledge Music, and I was hooked on that from the start. I saw them play at the Camden Rocks Festival and they were one of the highlights of the day. This really is a must-see rock band. I’m sure it won’t be long before they’re headlining their own tour.

They play rock music with a heavy metal vibe. Thursday’s gig was amazing. There was so much energy and passion coming across for the music. In their 45 minute slot, the trio played most of the tracks from their debut, including “Fiesta”, “Ghost” and “Same Again”, as well as a couple of new songs and other older tunes that they have previously streamed online. The new music sounded brilliant. I’m looking forward to hearing more from this band; I hope there is an album in the pipeline! They have a lot of talent and their love for the music really comes across in the live shows.


Florence Black were the first support band of the night, so the venue had not yet filled to capacity when they took to the stage. By the end of the performance there was quite a crowd. If the band continue to put on these kinds of shows, I’m sure they’ll be playing the bigger venues before long. I’ve seen hundreds of live bands over the years and Florence Black remind me of the greats. These guys are breaking the mould and standing out as original, creative, and above all they are making music with substance that will strike a chord with the listener.

This band are all very young and in just a few months they have already impressed a lot of the major music events organisers. Listen to their music, grab a copy of the EP on iTunes, and catch them live if you can.


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13178607_1351153031565955_5647984523049117378_n[Photo credit: George Fairbairn]


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