New Release: Destroy Something Beautiful – Chasing Cadence

14364636_1118576541569386_3806836892973297280_nThe awesome Chasing Cadence have just released their highly anticipated EP “Destroy Something Beautiful”. The 5-track EP is full of heavy riffs, powerful and haunting melodies, and passionate lyrics. For a limited time you can listen to an exclusive stream of the EP on Upset Magazine:


Track listing:

  1. It’s not the length that counts, it’s what you do with it
  2. Harbour
  3. Watching the World
  4. Everyone Relax
  5. Dear Life (Remastered)

I first discovered Chasing Cadence when they supported Buck & Evans at The Barfly back in May. I was blown away by their performance. They’re amazing live, so if you get the chance to see them when they play a venue near you, you should take it! They will have a launch show for the EP on 29th of September at The Black Heart in Camden. They’ve also announced a few other dates. Check out their website for details.

This new EP is excellent. You can get a copy on iTunes:

Stream on Spotify.

Chasing Cadence said on their Facebook page yesterday:

We’ve been together for over 4 years now, spending our lives working full time so we have some form of disposable income to fund what we love. Every spare minute we have, we use to create these chord progressions and write these lyrics to eventually finalise and present to you, our audience, our friends, our loved ones. Meanwhile bands that we’ve always aspired to be like, are dropping like flies around us because ticket sales and music sales are at an all-time low for alternative bands.

Support your favourite bands – get down to their shows when they play locally, buy their T-shirts and CD’s. Without you, they cannot possibly survive. This isn’t a message to raise awareness of our music and what we do, this is a message to raise awareness that your favourite bands won’t be around forever and to remember that music is art. It’s a snapshot of someone’s emotion and soul at that point in their life and it should be held at a much higher value than it is today, regardless of its genre.

Follow Chasing Cadence:






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