Track of the Day: LYIA META – ‘Slumber’

Not too many female rock singers can stand up to Ann Wilson of Heart. She is, in my opinion, one of the greatest rock singers ever. Now and then, though, the universe gives us a gift, and Lyia Meta is one of those rare gems. Her combination of power, soul, and edge matches Ann Wilson in that ability to both rock hard and move me emotionally.

Today’s track of the day is Slumber by Lyia Meta. This song is captivating both lyrically and musically, and Lyia’s vocal soars straight up my spine to give me chills.



Slumber is off Lyia’s debut EP, ‘This Is Lyia’:


1. Save Me
2. She’s Searching
3. Slumber
4. Dimana Dikau
5. For You

I featured the EP on our sister site, Soundwaves Review, back in August. You can find that feature here: LYIA META – ‘This Is Lyia’ – Debut EP By A Rock Goddess

Lyia was recently awarded the VIMA (Voice Independent Music Awards) for BEST OVERALL FEMALE ACT 2016. She and the band have 5 more nominations, with winners set to be announced this month.

Lyia Meta is a singer-songwriter and visual artist from West Malaysia, and is of Malaccan-Portuguese descent. Her husband, Zack E Meta, is the guitarist and the ‘spine’ behind the duo. This talented duo lives in Kuala Lumpur.

Lyia Meta


Connect, Stream, Purchase

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Also take a look at Lyia’s stunning artwork:

If you like what you hear, please consider connecting with Lyia and supporting her music.


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