New Music: Not Knowing – Matchstickmen



Liverpool rock band Matchstickmen have just released a new single “Not Knowing” via Holier Than Thou Records.

This is a wonderfully introspective track that starts off with an acoustic and slow tempo and builds to a dramatic full-on rock song.

Due to personal issues, the band have postponed the release of their highly anticipated album “From Our Own Ashes”, which was scheduled for release today. Not to disappoint fans, they’ve released this fantastic track and have stated on their Facebook page: We promise the album will be worth the wait”. I’m told the album should follow in a few months’ time.

Today’s release is a new version of the song “Not Knowing” that was originally featured on the band’s 2012 EP “A Change In Season”.


Band bio:

Matchstickmen’s passion for music is clearly evident to all who hear their music or see them perform. The band energises their audience in a way that has so far greatly surpassed any of their rivals and earned themselves an array of prominent gigs opening for acts such as Electric Six, The Quireboys, Taking Dawn and InMe to name a few.

The band have received rave reviews in the UK and state side, the now four-piece have proven to the world that they are pulling in the right direction. The music of Matchstickmen appeals to rock fans and non-rock fans alike and is an essential addition to any music lover’s library.




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