Pre-order THE WANTON BISHOPS new EP ‘Nowhere Everywhere’


The Wanton Bishops is one of those bands that just grabbed me by the heart- and soul-strings the first time I listened to them, and just won’t let go. The band’s album ‘Sleep With The Lights On’ is a deliriously addictive, mesmerizing, bluesy offering, and now you can pre-order the follow-up: an EP titled ‘Nowhere Everywhere’. Actually, if you happen to be in The Wanton Bishops’ home-country Lebanon, you can pick up a copy at the gig at Wickerpark Music Festival, September 10th. The rest of us will have to make do with that pre-order!


From the band:

If you’re in Lebanon and at Wickerpark, come say hello and get your copy of our “Nowhere everywhere” EP after the show!! For everyone else, you can now pre-order this bad-boy on the following link and get “Waslaha” as an instant gratification awaiting Nov 4th:

Meanwhile, enjoy the title track from ‘Sleep With The Lights On’. (Read my review, too!)

The Wanton Bishops official website / Facebook / Twitter


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