Album review – WILSON ‘Right To Rise’

wilson_cover‘Right To Rise’ came out last year, but for some reason I didn’t review it for this website and I feel this is a horrible, terrible oversight that needs to be corrected. And now’s as good a time as any, because Wilson is on tour with a freakishly awesome lineup of bands: Sevendust, Crobot, and Twelve Foot Ninja. It’s also a good time to review this, because, well…whoa. Listening to ‘Right To Rise’ is the auditory equivalent of doing a row of tequila slammers: loud, crazy, fun, not safe for work, powerful as a mule kicking you in the solar plexus, and guaranteed to make your head spin.

I might be late to the party (and make no mistake: this IS a party), but I enjoyed this album from start to finish. This is tasty, nasty-good rock and roll with an insane amount of raw energy and fire-power: the album goes off like stick of rock and roll dynamite with the title track, and then just keeps on doing that for every single one of the 12 tunes.


No track by track needed here: this is just flat-out fabulous through and through.

Some highlights: ‘Guilty (You’re already dead)’ swings and swaggers like a mad thing;‘Crave’ is hot as f-ing blazes, and ‘Satisfy Me’ is one of the best and hardest rocking tracks I’ve listened to lately: “you know I’m gonna die with my foot on the pedal” “I’ve been knocking on heaven’s door but that ain’t high enough for me”.

There’s also the heavy, bluesy darkness of ‘The Flood’, a track that will pull you down, and keep you under for the duration: just a glorious piece of music; and the trippy, groovy shot of hard-rocking mescaline that is ‘I Am the Fly’. Oy. So. Damn. Good.


‘Right To Rise’ is a knockout, drag-down, kick-ass album from Wilson, a band that is (as mentioned) currently touring with Sevendust, Crobot, and Twelve Foot Ninja. Catch ‘em live, and crank this album as loud as you can.

Wilson’s official website / Facebook / Twitter


  1. Right to Rise
  2. Guilty (You’re already dead)
  3. Crave
  4. Windows Down!
  5. All My Friends
  6. Satisfy Me
  7. The Flood
  8. Hang with the Devil
  9. I am the Fly
  10. Give em Hell
  11. Waiting for the World
  12. Before I Burn


  • Jason Spencer – guitar
  • Chad Nicefield – vocals
  • Kyle Landry – guitar
  • Matt Puhy – drums
  • James Lascu – bass


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