Track of the Day: JAMES DURBIN – ‘Smackdown’



Ready for some 80s-inspired, loud, raw metal? Today’s track of the day is Smackdown, from James Durbin’s new, independently released album Riot on Sunset.



James Durbin was in the top four on season 10 of American Idol. He’s from California.

James Durbin
James Durbin

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  1. Hot track! Wouldn’t call it “80’s inspired metal” though. Well OK, Durbin’s vocals are very old school metal but the rest of the track sounds like the modern rock that radio plays.


    • That’s exactly it. James Durbin has that 80s rock vibe. That was his thing even when he was on American Idol, and it works for him. But, yeah, the band doesn’t sound dated at all.


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