STEVE HILL – Solo Recordings Volume 3 – Blues

I barely manage to walk a straight line while thinking, yet Steve Hill can shred a guitar, belt out lyrics, and play drums with his feet. At the same time. Oh, and he also plays harmonica. I mean, seriously, he’s an entire band at once. His style is passion-infused blues with a rock edge. He can go from intricate cords that feel like fingers running up my spine, to blazing riffs that should set fire to his guitar strings. And he does this while doing the drum thing and singing, never missing a beat or even sounding the least bit strained by it all.

This past March, Steve released Solo Recordings Volume 3. If you like the sound of the blues, this belongs in your collection.

Solo Recordings 3

1. Damned
2. Dangerous
3. Still a fool and a rollin’ stone
4. Slowly slipping away
5. Rhythm all over
6. Smoking hot machine
7. Troubled times
8. Emily
9. Can’t take it with you
10. Rollin’ and tumblin’_Stop breaking down
11. Going down the road feeling bad
12. Walking grave


This is the heavy, blistering, Dangerous:


This is the lighter ache of Trouble Times:


Steve Hill’s JUNO nominated album Solo Recording Volume 1 won album of the year at the International Blues Challenge in 2013. The next album, Solo Recordings Volume 2, was a JUNO Award winner. Steve is from Trois-Rivières, which is in Quebec, Canada.

Steve Hill
Steve Hill

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