REDWOLVES – Walking Roads – New Rock With A Classic Sound

Redwolves is a four-piece band out of Copenhagen, with a sound that draws heavily from 70s rock and early metal. Guitarist Simon Stenbæk plays some killer riffs, merging blues and rock influences to give us the depth and intensity characteristic of 70s rock. Kasper Rebien on drums and Nicholas Randy Tesla on bass combine for a wall of hard-driving, warm, rich rhythm. Rasmus Cundell’s powerful vocals bring to mind Geddy Lee of Rush. Together, these guys are ready to shake your walls and rattle your teeth.

This past January, Redwolves released an EP called Walking Roads.

Walking Roads

1. The Barrier
2. Got You On My Mind
3. Farewell
4. Walking Roads


This is the title song, Walking Roads:


Redwolves first came together in 2012, calling themselves Awesome Mr. Powerwolf. In 2014 they changed their name to Redwolves.


Connect, Stream, Purchase

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If you like what you hear, please consider connecting with the band and supporting their music.


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