ONE LESS REASON – ‘The Memories Uninvited’ – Killer New Rock Album


Did you hear that explosion on the airwaves? One Less Reason unleashed their new album! The Memories Uninvited, the band’s sixth independently released album, is 11 songs full of power and passion and soul.

One Less Reason’s style fits with bands like Shinedown, Three Days Grace, and Seether. They’re a blend of alternative and hard rock, with a bit of a throwback grunge vibe.

Like all of One Less Reason’s music, this album isn’t meant for a casual listen. This is rock with depth, both lyrically and musically. Cris Brown, the band’s founder, singer, and songwriter doesn’t write happy, light songs. He gives us emotions to contemplate, stories we can see and feel in the words he sings. Couple that with blazing guitar riffs and heavy melodic music, and you have the kind of weighted rock that demands attention.

Cris Brown says this about making The Memories Uninvited:

“I basically record my therapy sessions,” says Brown. “I really can’t write songs when I’m super happy. One Less Reason songs tend not to be happy songs. The last few years of my life, I’ve been really happy,” he laughs. “That was the reason this album took so much longer to write. I was determined I wasn’t going to crank out songs quickly, just to put the album together. If it took me five years to do it, I was going to make sure this record sounded exactly as I wanted it.”


TMU1. Break Me
2. Something Beautiful
3. Sometimes
4. Where Were You?
5. Time
6. The Trade
7. One Day
8. On the Way Down
9. The Lie
10. You Didn’t Know
11. Rainmaker


Here’s a quote from Cris Brown about his music and the listeners he wants to reach:

“Not everybody has tons of friends. There are a lot of people that feel like they’re alone, and if you find music that says someone else feels the same way, that you’re not an oddball or an oddity, it’s hard to get anything better than that.”

Indeed. The right music makes us feel less alone.

This is the first single off the album, Where Were You?:


This is Break Me:


I featured some of One Less Reason’s older music back in February. If the band is new to you and you missed that post, you can find it here: Spotlight on ONE LESS REASON – A Band You Need To Hear


One Less Reason is based in Memphis, Tennessee.


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