BLACK PISTOL FIRE Scorches The Air With “Don’t Wake the Riot”

Scorching guitar, fiery drums, and a raw, passionate growl are all the ingredients needed to make some of the absolute best blues rock floating on the airwaves. Black Pistol Riot has this formula perfected, and they make it sound easy. This rock duo, with Kevin McKeown on guitar and vocals, and Eric Owen on the drums, create music that roars loud enough to fill a stadium and feels as intense and textured as if they were a five-person band.

Back in May, Black Pistol Riot released their fourth studio album, called Don’t Wake the Riot. This album is 11 songs that reach into my core and make my toes curl.




1. Storm Cussin’
2. Hard Luck
3. Bad Blood
4. Fleet Foot
5. Morning Star
6. Copperhead
7. Wake the Riot
8. Tombstone Taillight
9. Cry Hell
10. Slowknife Stiletto
11. Blue Blazes


Crank the volume! This is Wake the Riot:


This is Morning Star:


Black Pistol Fire is from Austin, Texas by way of Toronto, Canada.

Black Pistol Fire
Black Pistol Fire

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If you like what you hear, please consider connecting with the band and supporting their music.


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