EP review – TABOO QUEEN ‘Fever In Your Eye’


Vancouver band Taboo Queen has been gigging regularly in and around Vancouver since starting out in 2015, and that live experience definitely pays off on the band’s debut EP ‘Fever In Your Eye’. The sound is smooth, tight, and confident, with great vocals throughout, lots of added heat from the guitars, and a bluesy groove and r&b vibe that makes the whole thing shine.

This five track release has well-crafted melodies, and a cool, laidback vibe: like something you’d love to listen to while chilling out with a cold drink on a hot day.To quote the band’s own bio: “Taboo Queen drives straight down the road of rock and roll smack into the heart of old school rhythm and blues”.

Canadian guitarist Jerry Doucette steps in on three of the tracks: if you’ve heard the track ‘Mama Let Him Play’, then you’ve heard Jerry Doucette!


First track ‘Chains Of Love’ is a catchy, bluesy number with a real hook to it, while ‘Someone To Lean On’ shows off a softer, more wistful sound from the band.

‘The Damage Is Done’ has a darker mood and a steady hooky beat that is embellished with some terrific guitar work, putting the rock’n’roll flavour in Taboo Queen’s blues-rock. It’s followed by what is probably my favourite track on this EP: ‘When I’m With You’, a tune with a gorgeous, bluesy groove.

‘Fever In Your Eye’ closes out in style with ‘What A Feelin”, wrapping up a great debut release from Taboo Queen. This is an EP with an ear-pleasing, smooth, and smoky sound that gives you that excellent “lounging in an old-school nightclub” feel!

Taboo Queen’s official website / Facebook / Twitter


  1. Chains Of Love
  2. Someone To Lean On
  3. The Damage Is Done (with Jerry Doucette)
  4. When I’m With You (with Jerry Doucette)
  5. What A Feelin’ (with Jerry Doucette)


  • Mandy Cee
  • Jason Lane
  • Frankie Star
  • Gord Wilson
  • Chantal Sayers


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