Track of the Day – CHRIS ROLLING ‘Help Me’


This bluesy gem of a track is taken from Chris Rolling’s 5-track EP ‘The Chris Rolling Squad’. The band features Chris Rolling on vocals and guitar, Brice Duval on bass, and Simon Riochet on drums, and are self-confessed purveyords of “Punky Psychedelic Blues Rock”.

After an album with The Heavy Manic Souls, Chris Rolling decides to continue on his own name and creates The Chris Rolling Squad, a raw Blues/Rock power-trio. Influenced by Jimi Hendrix as well as Motörhead, his music is a mix of Blues and 70’s Rock which also combines Punk Rock and Psychedelic music.

Chris Rolling also shares some of the personal backstory and inspiration behind this track:

“Help me” is about this “malaise” feeling than most of us experienced, mine started when I was a kid with this sensation that nobody understood me and didn’t care at all about what I wanted, people just wanted that I obey and that I follow that stupid religion shit, playing football and so on, so only things that I didn’t like at all, I was into arts, music, movies, books and stuff. So I’ve started to become a depressed person and to get used to be alone in my own universe.

In growing up I started to drink and taking drugs and looking for some answers about my pursuit of happiness, until I reach the point of a complete misery and then I had really need some help, it’s this song is all about.

Chris Rolling at Bandcamp / Facebook / YouTube


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