BLACK STAR RIDERS launch PledgeMusic campaign for new album


File this under awesome news: Black Star Riders is heading back in the studio this year to make another album. The band’s two previous releases: 2015’s ‘The Killer Instinct’ (read my review), and 2013’s ‘All Hell Breaks Loose’ (read my review) were both knockouts, and I have already put in my Pledge pre-order for this album.

Check it out on PledgeMusic.

While Black Star Riders did start out as a Thin Lizzy spinoff, but this band has definitely found its own voice and groove.

Here’s the PledgeMusic statement from the band:

We are very excited to be going into the studio in August of 2016, but this time, we want to bring you along for the ride. Our fans are the best and we wanted to give you a glimpse into what we are up to.

The Project: The new Black Star Riders album will be released early in 2017. We wanted to give you the opportunity to experience this from the point of view of an insider. To kick things off, there are lots of cool things on offer. There are signed CDs and vinyls, limited edition items and even the chance to get up on stage and perform a song with us at a sound check.

The best part is that no matter what you order, you will get access to a variety of behind-the-scenes content such as photos and videos from the recording sessions.

Why PledgeMusic? Our fans have been extremely supportive over the years. We want to share the process of realizing this project with you by creating this campaign. We give you the opportunity to get some special items, gifts and to be a part of the entire project.

Black Star Riders is:

  • Ricky Warwick: Vocals/Guitar
  • Scott Gorham: Guitars
  • Damon Johnson: Guitars
  • Robbie Crane: Bass
  • Jimmy DeGrasso: Drums

Black Star Riders’ official website / Facebook / Twitter



  1. […] Black Star Riders started out as an off-shoot from Thin Lizzy a few years ago, but it was evident from the band’s rock-solid debut album “All Hell Breaks Loose“, that this band had a lot more going on than being some second-string venture. The band’s second release, “The Killer Instinct“, absolutely blew me away: the tracks ‘Blindsided’ and ‘Charlie I Gotta Go’ from that album are some of my favourite rock tunes from the last few years. A third album is in the works right now and judging by the updates from the studio, we’re in for another treat. Check them out on PledgeMusic to get in on the action! […]


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