11 awesomely old-school Judas Priest videos

1984 judas priest publicity pic

I’ve been on a Judas Priest kick over the last few days, watching old videos from the 1980s and a bunch of documentaries about the band. There are worse ways to spend your time, I assure you! Of course, with a band this good, this old, and this iconic, there are countless awesome videos all over the internet: here is a personal selection of 11 vids that are sure to satisfy your metal cravings.

And yes, these are mostly from the 80s: nothing against the non-80s stuff, there’s something about early 80s Judas Priest that just tastes darn good. (On a somewhat related note: my research also uncovered the astonishing fact that guitarist Glenn Tipton’s iconic red leather pants have their own Tumblr account. What a time to be alive.)

Breaking The Law – the  official video

You have got to love this ‘Breaking The Law’ video. I mean, what’s not to love? It’s got the rebellious lyrics, the classic chorus, and Halford doing some seriously great singing while emoting in a car. And that scene when the band busts in through the door… classic stuff right there.

Living After Midnight, official video

Halford on a motorcycle (with locks!)…wearing more spandex than is legal in most countries. There are many great live versions of this tune, and yes, I’ve listened to and watched more than a few. Basically it seems the band always kicks this one out of the park.

Electric Eye, live in 1983

Just watch Glenn Tipton, Ian Hill, and K.K. Downing as they strut on the stage here… Holy smokes, that’s swagger right there. And then Halford just walks up like the metal god he was at this time. Absolutely top-notch all the way.

You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’, live in 1983

Ever wonder why Glenn Tipton’s red leather pants have their own Tumblr? This video might provide part of the answer. Also just…how much fun are these guys having? Yeah, ALL the fun.

Victim of Changes, live in 1982

This is sweaty, raw and rough Judas Priest just blasting out some hot as f-ing hell metal. And I don’t care who you are, if you’re not shipping 1982s Halford and Tipton after watching them together on stage (check it out around the 2.20 mark), you’re missing out.

Hot Rockin’, official video

Sweaty guys working out, a sauna, suggestive pushups… this video might be the most hilariously awesome Judas Priest video ever (and that is in some serious competition, people). Also, the tune is an absolute BLAST.

Hell Bent For Leather, live in 1982

This tune is classic Priest, but two things make this video a must-see: Halford’s entrance on the motorcycle with a whip in his mouth, and the look on Glenn Tipton’s face when he plays guitar in the intro.

Freewheel Burning, official video

Special effects! Video games! Tight pants! Leather! More studs than you can shake a whip at!

Rocka Rolla live on Old Grey Whistle in 1975

Halford with long, luscious hair, and some serious psychedelic duds. This is Priest before they went all leather and studs.

The Sentinel, live in 1984

This is the prime-time big hair guitarist era, and prime howls from Halford. (Can I also state that I frigging love Rob Halford’s fringed leather jacket!)

Painkiller, official video

Presented without further comment. A simple scream will do.



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