Track of the Day: When She’s High by OF CLOCKS AND CLOUDS

I am obsessed with the indie rock band Of Clocks and Clouds. Fortunately, music is a healthy addiction, and my obsession with this band doesn’t force me into dark alleys or onto rough street corners in order to get my fix. On July 15th, the band, which is actually a duo, released their debut album, called Better Off. This album has so much character that it’s hard to describe their sound in simple terms. Each song is a unique experience. Choosing my ‘track of the day’ from the seven songs was a challenge. Ultimately, I decided to go with the track that speaks to me most today. And, so, here is my track of the day, When She’s High:



Here’s a look at the album. Go listen to it. Really.

Better Off

  1. Burn a Hole, Pt 2
  2. She Had to Go
  3. When She’s High
  4. Open Heart Failure
  5. Another Life
  6. Komorebi
  7. Better Off









I did a pre-release review of this album and an interview with Of Clocks and Clouds on our sister site, Soundwaves Review. If you’d like to read those, here are the links:

Preview of a Killer New Album! ‘Better Off’ by Of Clocks and Clouds

Interview with Joe Salgo from OF CLOCKS AND CLOUDS – Plus New Album!


Of Clocks and Clouds is based in New York.

Of Clocks and Clouds

Joe Salgo – Vocals / Guitar / Electronics
Ross Procaccio – Drums / Vocals / Electronics

Connect, Stream, Purchase:

Website / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Soundcloud / Spotify / Bandcamp / Amazon / iTunes


If you like what you hear, please consider connecting with the band and supporting their music.


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